About Us

With a turnover of almost 4 billion Euros and about 17 thousand employees, the Fininvest Group is one of the largest Italian companies.

Today among the major international top players in the communications and entertainment sectors, on which since the mid-1990s has relentlessly and progressively focused its efforts.

Started over sixty years ago, Silvio Berlusconi’s business venture is studded with numberless success stories originally related to building projects pacesetting the construction sector and followed by television, publishing, sports, and asset management blueprints.

Today, the Fininvest Group is committed toward ongoing renewal and growth, which fulfil and value its roots – internationalization and digital technology challenges represent the strategic guidelines to build the Group future.

The Fininvest Group is an inspiring entrepreneurship success story and the clarity of its strategic direction, the excellence of its companies, its strong balance sheet and sound financial position, but above all the qualities of its employees, who have always been its most valuable asset, make it a cultural and civil growth engine, for Italy and Europe.

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